Our Team

Our research team

Geeky Girl Reality began as a longitudinal survey study to explore young women’s experiences in relation to STEM and preparing for STEM careers.

  • Findings from our research help us to understand how we can kickstart careers for young women in STEM.  
  • We currently focus on helping young women to find short-term gigs and opportunities in STEM.

Geeky Girl Reality research reports are sponsored by Ad Hod Global, a user research and UX consultancy firm.

Ad Hod Global's user researchers have specialist backgrounds in social science and human factors research.

Ad Hoc Global donates the time of senior and junior researchers to analyse survey data. 

Research Interns can apply to the project as volunteers, if interested please email our team: discuss@geekyreality.com 

Geeky Girl Reality team members on LinkedIn:

About the Independent Advisory Board

We have a growing Independent Advisory Board of senior professionals who are passionate about improving gender-ratios in STEM-related careers.  

Our Independent Advisory Board:

  • Provide governance of our commercial, social venture
  • Help to set, guide and adjust our strategic direction
  • Ensure we remain true to purpose
  • Ensure we spend wisely
  • Review our qualitative data and methods
  • Promote our research findings in ways that make a difference

We are a for-profit organisations and we do not accept donations.

We rely on sponsorship packages and an advertising business model.

Consider supporting our social mission by posting a gig add and provide an opportunity to the geeky girls in our community.

Thank you very much to many consultants, freelancers, interns and volunteers who helped shape the Geeky Girl Reality project.

Interested in joining our team?  Send your CV and letter of interest to discuss@geekyreality.com