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The Geeky Girl Reality project began as a longitudinal survey study to explore young women’s experiences in relation to STEM and preparing  for STEM careers.  Our annual survey is longitudinal and episodic.  From time to time, during the autumn to spring academic year, we capture the thoughts and experiences of women studying STEM topics at university and who may be aspiring to have a career in STEM related fields. 
We believe that by focusing on young women currently studying STEM topics, we can better understand what they might need from organisations, companies and society in order to keep going on their STEM journeys.
Interested in hearing the voices of young women from around the world currently studying a STEM topic? Please download a copy of our Geeky Girl Reality 2016 report that focuses on the user needs of young women currently studying STEM topics at university. 


Our first report for 2016 is available for download

Interested in helping our mission and keep our "gigs" website going? We think STEM gigs are the way to open doors and kickstart entry-level careers for young women.
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Our 2017 report is in production, discuss@geekyreality.com for a copy.


Our 2018 survey is open, so please take our survey!


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The “Geeky Girl Reality” began as a not-for-profit research study. This study is focused on learning the experiences of women entering the science and technology fields. Initially, this project began focusing on women who are currently enrolled in University. 
Following the success of our student survey: we have created the professionals survey, which aims to understand the ambitions and obstacles of women in the midst of their careers within science and technology.
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Geeky Girl Reality has now developed into a resource hub for networking, gigs and opportunities, connecting with role models and sharing experiences.  Learn more about how we are funded.


What the survey results tell us

The results from our research and online community discussions suggest that more opportunities, internships, events and mentors are needed to help girls develop and maintain a passion for STEM.

In response, we have created a website which aims to be a hub for all ‘things’ STEM-related for women. We want to build an online space where women can access support, mentorship, opportunities and connect with peers.

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