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DEADLINE: January 30, 2019

The American Psychological Association is offering up to five grants to college and university departments to support undergraduate research assistantships in psychology laboratories during the summer. The purpose of the APA Summer Undergraduate Psychology Research Experience (SUPRE) Grants is to provide talented undergraduates who have little or no prior laboratory experience with the opportunity to gain first-hand knowledge of how scientific research is conducted.

SUPRE Grants are designed to enable psychology (or related) departments to hire between four and six undergraduates to work as research assistants in faculty members’ labs for a period of eight weeks over the summer (within the window of May 1 - Sept. 30). For each department that applies for a SUPRE Grant, it is required that at least three psychology faculty members provide research assistantship opportunities within their labs.

APA will provide funds to pay each student at the institution’s 2018 rate of pay for undergraduate research assistants (but at least $10 per hour, plus required FICA taxes). Students must work for eight weeks at a full-time schedule as defined by the institution. Research assistants will take on the employment status of other undergraduate research assistants at the institution (e.g., temporary employees), and the institution’s employment and other policies will be applicable to them. APA will not provide funds for student housing, travel or living expenses.

APA will also make a small contribution to the hosting department that can be used for related expenses, such as mentoring activities for the research assistants, research supplies and administration. APA will not provide funds for indirect costs or overhead.

Participating faculty must be present in the labs throughout the eight-week period that the undergraduate research assistants are employed. The faculty should meet regularly with the research assistants to discuss the purpose, background and methodology of the research being conducted and to mentor the research assistants regarding their academic and career plans. Although the research assistants may work closely with graduate students and other staff, the primary source of guidance and mentoring should be faculty members.


Departments in academic institutions in the U.S. that offer a bachelor’s degree are eligible to apply for a SUPRE Grant. (Institutions may also offer advanced degrees, though this is not required.) The departments should have psychological science as a major focus and include a body of faculty members who have been trained in psychological science and conduct research in psychological science.

Participating undergraduates need not be students at the institution; they can, for example, be students at other institutions in the vicinity. All students, however, must be enrolled at a U.S. institution (though they need not be U.S. citizens). The application should include a description of how students will be recruited and selected. APA strongly encourages inclusion of students from groups that are underrepresented in science.

At the time they are selected, students should have had little to no prior experience working in a research lab. At the point they begin working as research assistants, students should have completed at least their freshman year and not yet have obtained a bachelor’s degree.

How to Apply

One faculty member should serve as the organizer for her or his department’s application. Additional faculty members whose labs will provide research assistantship opportunities in psychological science should also have their names included in the application. All participating faculty should be members of or affiliated with the department.

To apply for a SUPRE Grant, the faculty organizer should complete the online application. In order to complete the application you will need to have the following documents ready to upload: 

  • Current CVs of participating faculty. 
  • A letter of endorsement of the application signed by the department chair. 
  • A letter of endorsement from the institution’s office of sponsored research, describing the employment status the students will have at the institution, the hourly pay rate, and the institution’s FICA contribution and other taxes for each student.

The deadline for submitting applications is Jan. 30.

Note: Students should not apply to APA for research assistantships. It is the responsibility of the departments that receive grants to recruit students.

Review of Applications

Applications for the grant will be reviewed by staff of the APA Science Directorate. The quality of the research experience to be provided to student research assistants will be the primary criterion in evaluating applications.

The number of grants made will depend upon APA’s available funds and the sizes of the grants that are approved. APA may reduce the number of funded research assistantships below that which an applicant proposes.

As noted above, the deadline for applications is Jan. 30. Applicants will be informed of decisions by late February. Questions may be sent to the APA Science Directorate by email

or by telephone (202) 336-6000.

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