Casual Test Administrator

  • ACER
  • Australia
  • Apr 16, 2018
Job - Full time Computer Science Technology


Position Location: Schools in all geographical locations around Australia. Applicants from all metropolitan, regional and remote locations are encouraged to apply.

Project: PISA Main Study 2018

Project Manager: Lisa De Bortoli

Position Summary

The Test Administrator is responsible for administering the Programme for International Student Assessment (PISA) on-site at participating Australian metropolitan, regional and/or remote schools.

All testing conducted during the PISA 2018 assessment period (30 July to 7 September 2018) will be computer-based, using each school’s available computers. The assessment will be administered via USBs that contain the PISA Software.

Test Administrators will work under the direction of the Project Manager and in close liaison with Project Staff at ACER, School Coordinators and School IT Coordinators.

Position Context

PISA is a triennial computer-based assessment of 15 year old students which compares and examines student performance in reading, mathematical, and scientific literacy. 

PISA is administered by the Australian Council for Educational Research (ACER) on behalf of the Australian Government Department of Education and Training (DET) and the State and Territory Departments of Education.


  • Provide proof of the relevant clearances and registrations to be able to enter schools within the relevant State/Territory. This must be valid for the entirety of the testing period for this project;
  • Read and be thoroughly familiar with the Test Administrator Manual and successfully complete all compulsory Test Administrator training, as required;
  • Be available for the duration of the assessment period. Some availability in the weeks leading up to the assessment period will be required for school liaison, and availability after the assessment period to organise the return of materials;
  • Be flexible with a sometimes moving schedule and the possibility of additional assessment sessions;
  • Liaise regularly with ACER staff leading up to and throughout the assessment period;
  • Liaise with School Coordinators and School IT Coordinators prior to the assessment day to confirm testing arrangements. On the assessment day the Test Administrator is expected to successfully administer the assessment.
  • For each allocated school, Test Administrators will be expected to:
    • Travel to and from the school. This aspect of the position will require a current driver’s licence and own motor vehicle;
    • Set up the assessment room and materials, including preparing and running the PISA Software so the computers (both PCs and Macs) are ready to go when the students arrive;
    • Conduct and supervise the assessment session as required;
    • Provide a participation update to ACER staff (while at the school);
    • Copy student data from multiple USBs onto a Master USB for storage (while at the school);
    • Be available to conduct any additional assessment sessions during the assessment period as required;
    • Maintain the integrity of security for ACER assessment materials;
  • Perform other duties as required by the Project Manager.

Decision Making Authority

Test Administrators are required to exercise some initiative in carrying out delegated tasks under the direction of the Project Manager and in close liaison with other project staff as required.  Most work is within established routines.  Decisions outside established routines are to be referred to the Project Manager.

Knowledge, Experience & Training


  • the relevant state/territory Working With Children Check and clearances required to work in schools;
  • Bachelor Degree in Teaching (or equivalent);
  • intermediate computer literacy skills (including willingness to engage with technical issues by following clear, written or oral instructions, run software from a USB and upload data);
  • experience maintaining the confidentiality and security of test materials, a test environment and test results;
  • current driver’s license and access to a car for the duration of the testing period;
  • computer or laptop with internet access and a private email address;
  • demonstrated attention to detail, accuracy and ability to follow procedures;
  • well-developed communication and interpersonal skills, including ability to articulate technical issues should they arise.
  • strong organisational, time management and administrative skills with attention to detail


  • Current teaching registration.

Conditions of Appointment

The appointment is for the PISA 2018 assessment period and associated activities. These includes:

  • Training (two webinars) between 18 June and 6 July 2018
  • In some cases, contact with early testing schools from mid-July 2018
  • The PISA 2018 assessment period from 30 July to 7 September 2018
  • Return of materials and possible follow up with ACER project team through to mid-September 2018

Test Administrators will be paid as per the sessional rates below:

ACER will contribute 9.5% of gross salary to the UniSuper Award Plus (Accumulation 1) Plan if gross pay is more than $450 per month. UniSuper is the default fund for ACER employees and contributions.  As a casual employee you may elect to nominate an alternative registered superannuation fund for ACER to make contributions to.

To formally register your interest to work as a Test Administrator, please complete and return the PDF form to ozpisa@acer.orgalong with copies of your current teacher registration and/or police check/ clearances. 

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