Data Science Intern - Summer 2020

  • Optoro
  • Washington, D.C., USA
  • Oct 18, 2019
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Optoro is a fast-growing technology company that is revolutionizing the retail industry. Every year, more than 15% of retail goods are returned or simply never sell. This creates tons of unnecessary waste and costs retailers billions.

Our mission is to make retail more sustainable by eliminating all waste from returns. Our technology platform connects every returned item to its best home, thereby increasing profitability for retailers, giving consumers great deals, and reducing environmental waste.

Backed by some of the top investors in the country - including Kleiner Perkins, Revolution Growth, and UPS - Optoro is powered by its collaborative, unconventional, and resourceful employees who love solving big problems. We are looking for individuals with similar creativity and energy to help build a lasting company focused on the triple bottom line.

Data Science

At Optoro, we build software to help us solve this problem. We have tools that manage inventory in both ours and client warehouses, visualization and reports showing clients how much value they are getting out of their excess inventory, and entire eCommerce platforms and integrations to get these products into new and appreciative hands.

Core to our value is the ability to capture and analyze the vast amount of data that flows through our system from the millions of units we handle. We transform this data into action in order to more efficiently and effectively route returned items to their optimal home. We use smart algorithms to drive every piece of this journey, from initial quality assessment, to packing, to routing, to pricing (and repricing). Ultimately, we ensure that intelligent, data-driven decisions are made at every point in process.

We employ any and all tools necessary to accomplish our mission whether it be simple linear regression, the latest deep learning models, or hierarchical Bayesian inference. While we work primarily in Python, we don’t hesitate to dive into the underlying product code when needed. We hire people not only based on what they already know, but based on what they are learning and their hunger to deliver and to keep expanding their skills!

Data Science Intern - Summer 2020

The Data Science Interns at Optoro will work on a variety of projects oriented towards advancing Optoro's business in both direct and indirect ways. Example projects include improving repricing algorithms, exploring multi-arm bandit approaches to channel selection, forecasting demand, understanding price uncertainty, and much more! Interns will be guided to consider the whole business in their projects, including gathering key metric data to demonstrate the positive impact of their work.


  • Rising Seniors preferred
  • Computer Science, Statistics, or Math majors preferred
  • Excited about optimizing complex decision-making problems
  • Will work locally as part of a team 

Experience level of the applicant we want

Undergraduate, College / Sixth form, High School