Assistant Portfolio Manager

  • Capita Plc
  • Mayfair, London, UK
  • Sep 02, 2019
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Rokos Capital Management LLP (“RCM”) is a hedge fund manager founded in 2015. RCM currently has over 170 employees between our London headquarters and Washington, D.C. research office. The Firm manages a global macro hedge fund that targets consistent long-term returns for our investors within a well-defined risk framework. The fund is active in the major macro asset classes: interest rates, FX, equities, as well as emerging markets and other products. 
Our values

At RCM, our culture is driven by teamwork, our ability to analyse and solve complex problems, and our embedded Values which help us to clarify our expectations of each other: you will work alongside exceptional people who are trusted talent, who challenge and support each other, in the pursuit of collective excellence, to achieve sustainable success.

Our APM team

Our APMs are part of a broad Investment team at RCM, which manages our trading and execution process and takes ownership of various pre- and post-trade processes. The team is responsible for providing robust trade analysis, idea generation, trade execution and database process maintenance. 

We are seeking an experienced APM (3-5 years), who specialises in FX. The successful candidate will work alongside the FX risk taker in the fund, assisting with FX execution.

There are significant opportunities for the successful candidate to learn and grow as an investment professional with the fund. The successful candidate will constitute a part of the broader investment team. In addition to their FX area of expertise, the successful candidate will be encouraged to learn and support the FX risk taker with other products and asset classes and grow into more holistic macro professionals.

Key responsibilities

  • Timely, efficient and accurate trading and execution of the market orders of risk takers, in particular FX. This includes using knowledge of the best rate providers, systems and trade execution types to ensure the most effective execution
  • Management of orders during day and out of hours. Effective use of systems and counterparties to assist in trade order management
  • Management of options/ expiries. Knowledge of, and proactivity surrounding, upcoming expiries and strikes
  • Ownership and optimisation of various post-trade processes
  • Counterparty dispute management
  • Trade blotter checks and overall trade database process maintenance
  • Processing and dissemination of market news and information. This includes the awareness of market drivers and potential impact to the PM’s book, knowledge of upcoming economic data and events, and frequent discussions with economists and sell-side research
  • Trade analysis and idea generation

Skills and qualifications 

The candidate must have:

  • 3 - 5 years’ of recent demonstrable experience in a relevant role, in particular FX trading experience with gained working at a leading Investment Bank or Asset Management Firm
  • MSc in Maths, Finance or Engineering from a Russel Group University (or equivalent international institution)
  • Significant academic achievements (i.e. scholarships or awards attained)
  • Possess demonstrable ability to identify opportunities in FX
  • Strong communication skills (verbally and written)
  • Superior analytical skills and an ability to run trade and portfolio analysis with minimal oversight
  • Excellent communication skills: both verbal and written to interact with portfolio managers and to present their trade analysis or live trade information in a succinct, clear and unambiguous manner
  • Ability to multi task, work under pressure and tight deadlines, confident and correct judgement around prioritisation of tasks and live trading and maintaining the composure under stress are some of the key attributes for success in the role
  • The candidate must actively want to build a career on the buy side and learn while contributing to the broader investment team.

Interview process

  • Pre-screening / CV Review
  • First round: Interviews with FX PM, psychometric/ aptitude test, and a maths test 
  • Second round: Interviews with Deputy CEO, APMs and wider investment teams
  • Third round: Interviews with wider Portfolio Managers and HR
  • Final round: Final interviews with wider management
  • Reference checks

Experience level of the applicant we want

Some work experience, Graduate