Research Engineer

  • SurgiVance
  • New York, USA
  • Aug 22, 2019
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You will be a cutting-edge research engineer, working closely with surgeons and surgical specimens to adapt custom software and hardware to transform our academic prototype into a product prototype. The position will entail software development --primarily in Matlab—to drive a multi-laser engine in multimodal imaging. A comfort with, and basic understanding of, mechanical and electronic-circuit design, alongside fabrication methods (milling, lathing, etc.) is expected. Experience in optics/microscopy required. Knowledge of basic tissue staining procedures and optics/laser alignment a plus. Must be able to work both independently and closely with the inventor to accomplish a complete product prototype, from design through fabrication and testing. SurgiVance extensively uses opto-mechanics in reflectance mode confocal microscopy and fluorescent stains for molecular labeling of multiple tissue components. Specific initial responsibilities include: 

  • Opto-mechanically re-designing the prototype to remove the current laser illumination system and inserting the new multi-laser engine 
  • Performing experimental imaging that quantifies the resolution and contrast performance parameters of the imaging system. 
  • Imaging discarded surgical specimens and creating a user interface to do so efficiently and in an organized way that permits comparison of the imaging results to gold standard pathology. 
  • Working closely with multiple surgeons to analyze and ameliorate the pain points and to supercharge the interactive pathology experience between the technology and user. 
  • Depending on expertise and interest, other projects may involve design and manufacturing of specimen compression chambers, biochemistry of molecular label formulation in tissue staining to optimize imaging contrast, design of deep learning algorithms to execute pathological analysis automatically, integration engineering with medical informatics, etc. 
  • Performing complete project cycles, from design to fabrication, with support from a small engineering core in the university’s fabrication and machining facility. 

You Have 

  • A Bachelor's degree (or higher) in engineering, math or physics. 
  • Knowledge of optics, lasers, microscopy, or other medical imaging experience.
  • A willingness and ability to rapidly assimilate new fields of knowledge, from machine vision algorithms to electronic circuit design, for the purpose of building functional pathology systems or completing medium-sized coding projects. 
  • The ability to clearly communicate engineering principles, design and coding with surgeons and the capacity to work collaboratively with members of the startup company to optimize systems and coding as clinical needs require. 
  • The ability to multitask and assist in the design and optimization of different systems simultaneously to support the development of the product prototype toward the final, frozen design that will go into multicenter FDA clinical trials. 

You Are 

  • Experienced writing code in multiple languages including Python, C++, and Matlab and comfortable designing and building mechanical and electronic devices 
  • Excited by the opportunity to rapidly assimilate new information for the purpose of solving design challenges in pathology and medical informatics. 
  • Detail-oriented, accurate, and precise 
  • Capable of working both independently and within a small team 
  • Creative and enjoy the iterative process of design development 

Experience level of the applicant we want

Some work experience, Graduate