Researcher (Power Efficient Transceiver)

  • pureLiFi
  • Edinburgh, UK
  • Jul 18, 2019
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This is one of two fixed-term (36 months) positions hosted by pureLiFi under the ENLIGHT’EM (European Training Network in Low-Energy Visible Light IoT Systems) H2020-MSCA-ITN-2018 programme ( 

The Researcher is also expected to pursue a fully funded Doctorate (PhD) programme hosted at the University of Edinburgh’s Engineering department during the programme.

The programme focuses on the design of IoT systems that leverage the low baseline energy consumption of LEDs to jointly deliver lighting and networked communication. ENLIGHT’EM will explore the emerging field of low-energy VLC systems for the IoT to design and demonstrate sustainable networking solutions.

This role will focus on the design and development of a novel transmitter and receiver architecture that significantly reduces transmitter power loss to no detriment of the spectrum efficiency of the existing solutions. A number of prototypes and development cycles will be required to achieve the ideal combination of modulation bandwidth, current capacity, and power efficiency. An improvement of at least one order of magnitude in power efficiency should be targeted.

Key Dates:

  • 30-6-2019: Launch 15 PhD positions for 15 Early-Stage Researchers (ESRs) 
  • 31-07-2019: Deadline for on-line applications (or as soon as the positions are filled)
  • 01-11-2019: Target starting date for ESR contracts

All applications should proceed through the on-line recruitment portal on the website.

The core responsibilities include:

  • Review of existing power supply, driver, and receiver architectures (including existing literature).
  • Development of novel driver, amplifier, and potentially receiver, architectures that aim to significantly reduces power loss with no detriment of the spectrum efficiency of the system.
  • Implement prototypes of the developed architectures and characterise performance across modulation bandwidth, current capacity, and power efficiency.
  • Prepare patent filing submissions covering novel IP developed during the course of the programme.
  • Participate in the ENLIGHT’EM network’s training programmes and secondments to partner organisations.
  • Collaborate with other partner organisations of the Network.
  • Ensure pureLiFi’s adherence to the terms of the programme.

Applicants need to fully respect three eligibility criteria (to be demonstrated in the CV): 

  1. Early-stage researchers (ESR) are those who are, at the time of recruitment, in the first four years (full-time equivalent) of their research careers. This is measured from the date when they obtained the degree which formally entitles them to embark on a doctorate, either in the country in which the degree was obtained or in the country in which the research training is provided, irrespective of whether or not a doctorate was envisaged. 
  2. International mobility: ESRs are required to undertake trans-national mobility (i.e., move from one country to another) when taking up the appointment. At the time of recruitment, researchers must not have resided or carried out their main activity (work, studies, etc.) in the country of their hiring organization for more than 12 months in the 3 years immediately prior to their recruitment. For instance, a researcher who has resided in Spain for 15 months in the last three years cannot apply to any of the three PhD positions in Spain, but can apply to the any of the other 12 PhD positions. Compulsory national service and short stays, such as holidays, are not taken into account. 
  3. English language proficiency: ESRs must demonstrate proficiency in both written and spoken English. This is mandatory for the ESRs to take full advantage of the training program.

Experience level of the applicant we want

Some work experience, Graduate, Undergraduate

Industry of our company/organisation

Academia, university,   Accountancy, banking and finance,   Business, consulting and management,   Charity, non profit, voluntary,   Creative arts and design,   Digital Media,   Energy and utilities,   Engineering and manufacturing,   Environment and agriculture,   Healthcare,   Hospitality and events management,   Information technology,   Law,   Law enforcement and security,   Leisure, sport and tourism,   Marketing, advertising and PR,   Media and internet,   Property and construction,   Public services and administration,   Recruitment and HR,   Retail,   Sales,   Science and pharmaceuticals,   Social care,   Teacher training and education,   Transport and logistics