Quality Analyst, Operations

  • Monzo
  • London, UK
  • Jun 17, 2019
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As well as being a bank, we're a customer service company. In order for us to create the best current account in the world, we're building very powerful tools to help both our customer and our Customer Operations team (we call them ‘COps’). In fact, we consider this to be our secret competitive advantage. Within this role you will be working within a team to deliver the best possible service to our customers.

Examples of team goals:

  • Enable customer support service so good you have to tell your friends.
  • Creating a product that... 
    • is intuitive, friction-free, and enables people to perform at the speed of thought.
    • makes sense to users of all levels: be it to complete beginners or those who’ve used it for years.
    • enables an onsite and distributed team learn and progress to achieve its highest performance.
    • has many contributors and that’s second nature to engineers of all levels.
    • is easy to change and lets us experiment and prototype fast.

As a member of COps Collective you'll help to address these challenges by working on our internal web-based interfaces and tools. Some of the technologies we use include React with Jest, GraphQL, and Golang. (We're sharing this for context rather than because we expect you to already be an expert, or to have worked with all of these)

You’ll be responsible for helping the COps Collective build products of known quality, faster. You will be promoting fast feedback loops for developers and testers to help engineers at Monzo to know if their changes have had any ill effects on the application as a whole.

It’s an exciting time to become a Quality Analyst at Monzo. As we rapidly grow quality becomes more complex so there is going to be some exciting challenges ahead. There’s a chance to do different types of testing in the future, including automation. You’ll be able to develop your technical skills working closely with our Engineers and the other members of the Quality discipline.

Most of the time you’ll be:

  • Exploratory testing new features to make sure the application works as our COps will expect before looking to automate
  • Working closely with developers to help them understand what to automate at the right level
  • Promoting quality at all steps of the development cycle
  • Working with our Web Platform team to define standards and non-functional requirements.
  • Contributing to the testing manifesto used to guide the principles and practices of testing at Monzo

You’ll work with our Product Managers to determine what needs testing and to understand development priorities; with the broader product engineering team to write specs and communicate bugs or unexpected behaviour; and with customer operations to be the first point of contact for bug reports and to keep them fully aware of every change made to the app.

As well as being part of the COps Collective, you will be part of the Quality Discipline where you will work with other Quality Analysts and the Quality Team to contribute to building a quality product.

You should apply if some (or all) of the following describe you:

  • You have experience testing APIs, web based interfaces and mobile applications. We have a component library, so experience in this area is particularly useful
  • You understand the need for exploratory testing before automating application behaviours
  • Your written communication skills are superb, especially around technical subjects
  • You love working closely with developers and enjoy pairing with them to create quality features
  • You’re curious and interested in design and technology
  • You are perseverant and detail-oriented
  • You are deeply pragmatic and adept at prioritising: you understand the trade off between velocity and perfection
  • You want to learn how great products are built
  • You love finding ways to make processes more efficient

Experience level of the applicant we want

Some work experience, Graduate