Pershing Technology Graduate

  • BNY Mellon
  • Manchester, UK
  • May 31, 2019
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What’s life like as a grad in Pershings Technology group         

 Firstly no two days are the same – and who would want them to be? From the moment you join our team, you will be placed directly in one of our software development teams where you will be able to learn, grow and excel alongside some of our most experienced technical people within the organisation. We want you to progress and grow with us, but most importantly, we want you to enjoy it along the way! Your dedicated mentor will be there to make sure all of this is happening and you will be able to reach out to the mentor at any time.

All graduates that start are given a specific graduate project to start on, allowing you to settle in comfortably and start to use your skills. Once you have the basics, you will be tasked with learning various techniques such as Test Driven Development (TDD), the SOLID principles and clean code that will help form the foundations for your career as a good software developer.

Once we believe you are ready, you will be fully immersed within one of our teams, helping and contributing to projects that deliver real differences and real benefits to the entire organisation, as well as our clients. With such a wide variety of systems and services there is something for everyone. 

But its not all about delivery – we fully believe and support the need to learn and try new things and we regularly hold tech workshops and hackathons. Teams also have a dedicated amount of time per week to innovate; learn a new technology or methodology and see if it can be applied anywhere in the business. We are always looking for new and improved ways for doing things and that can come from anyone within the organisation … including you!

You will never stop learning, and yes, there is a steep learning curve, but who doesn’t like a challenge!

We have 2 .net graduate developer roles available which will be supported by comprehensive training schedules

We need someone who will

  • Be enthusiastic about software development and strive to constantly learn and improve
  • Learn, believe and embrace the core software development concepts that contribute to high quality code
  • Interact and collaborate with other graduates to deliver various graduate specific projects
  • Work alongside and support our experienced delivery professionals 
  • Be capable and confident in self learning
  • Feel confident in asking questions and challenging others when appropriate
  • Suggest, own and deliver enhancements to our enterprise systems with the support from your team
  • Have a passion for learning and using new technology


In return we will

  • Provide an interesting, challenging and exciting experience within technology and software development
  • Offer and organise training, support and peer mentoring
  • Facilitate and support “lunch & learn” sessions
  • Provide you with interesting and complex technological problems for you to solve
  • Build a career path specifically for you
  • Competitive and enticing graduate package 
  • Invest in you!

Experience level of the applicant we want

Some work experience, Graduate