SA Innovation Summit

  • SA Innovation Summit
  • South Africa
  • May 15, 2019
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The Summit was birthed out of how little was being done to commercialise technology from South Africa into new industries through start-ups, private sector involvement and enabling government absorption of new ideas. Our first Summit started with getting the roles and language between government, industry and academics aligned. The content migrated over 10 years into making the Tech Entrepreneur centre stage and the hero of taking the economy forward.


Our Value Proposition is that our effort should go towards enabling the Tech Entrepreneur as she and he will be the only entity able to leapfrog systematic change to alleviate poverty, drive inclusiveness whilst meeting Industry 4.0 head-on. Large business, curricula in the universities and government policies cannot move fast enough to keep up with the technological changes; The Tech Entrepreneur can! 


The SA Innovation Summit as an annual flagship event on the South African Innovation Calendar, is a platform for nurturing, developing and showcasing African innovation, as well as facilitating innovation thought-leadership. Created to support and promote innovation and facilitate collaboration within its own eco-system, the initiative brings together corporates, thought leaders, inventors, entrepreneurs, academia and policy makers to amplify South Africa’s renowned competitive edge and to inspire sustained economic growth across the continent of Africa. The outcomes achieved by the Summit, is  a powerful platform to bring together thought leaders and accelerate innovation in South Africa, and into the African continent as whole. 


  • Provide a platform where Tech Entrepreneurs and innovators can participate, grow their know-how and connections, and make their ideas come to life. With the rapid advent of the Industrial 4.0 Tech Revolution, the flexibility to integrate, and the speed to market will be absolutely critical.
  • Collaborate with government, academia and industry to build an African system for innovation on a practical level.
  • Provide curated networking with technology leaders and founders, trend specialists, policy makers and forward thinkers.
  • Bring together innovation leaders from different countries, backgrounds, disciplines and world-views, to create an innovative economic environment that will prosper the South African economy and have a positive effect on our clients’ competitive edge.
  • Encourage mutually beneficial deal-making between entrepreneurs and investors.
  • Grow and accelerate organisational innovation culture.
  • Facilitate the establishing of industry-leaders by presenting new market opportunities.

Experience level of the applicant we want

Some work experience, Graduate, Undergraduate, College / Sixth form, High School