Medical Laboratory Assistant

  • Health Services Laboratories
  • London, UK
  • Mar 18, 2019
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A position has arisen in our Manual Blood Sciences Department in Central London for a Medical Laboratory Assistant, for a 12 month fixed term.

Main duties will include performance of routine preparation and tests accurately and efficiently under the supervision of a qualified  BMS, to bring any unusual test requests or results to the attention of the appropriate member of staff to enter patient requests into the pathology compute and assign laboratory numbers and carry out clerical and technical tasks in accordance with sample handling procedures, to also assist in handling and distribution of incoming and outgoing goods, equipment, specimens and reagents.

There will be a requirement to cover a shift pattern that includes evenings and weekends.

If you require further information about this position, please contact Naina Chavda by emailing

Reference no: FLCY3386

Closing date:  24th March 2019

Location: Halo Level 2

Reporting to: Head of Flow Cytometry

Liaises with: Biomedical Scientists in the laboratory, Consultant Pathologists, other departments and colleagues for the benefit of patient care and maintenance of co-operative relationships

Overall Job Purpose:

To provide support and assistance to the HCPC Registered Biomedical Scientists in the laboratory. To provide general support in other areas of the Laboratory.

Main Duties:

To include, but not be restricted to, the following duties:

  1. To perform routine preparation and tests accurately and efficiently under the supervision of a
    qualified BMS. To bring any unusual test requests or results to the attention of the appropriate
    member of staff.
  2. To enter patient requests into the pathology computer: assign laboratory numbers and carry out clerical and technical tasks in accordance with sample handling procedures. To assist in handling and distribution of incoming and outgoing goods, equipment, specimens and reagents.
  3. To keep records as required by the laboratory manager or nominated deputy e.g. deliveries, stock, organising storage of blood and bone marrow slides. To perform stock take and inform section leader if stocks are running low.
  4. To manage samples from GLP track and dumb waiters
  5. To take an active role in the referral of samples to third party laboratories where required.
  6. To clean and maintain equipment to achieve the optimum instrument performance and maintain a clean and safe working environment.
  7. To clean and disinfect designated laboratory equipment such as centrifuges and refrigerators.
  8. To follow Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) to make up disinfectants as required and routinely disinfect all work surfaces.
  9. To record fridge temperatures in accordance with Standard Operating Procedures.
  10. . To ensure soiled laboratory coats are laundered, collected and sorted appropriately.
  11. To facilitate the safe disposal of laboratory waste
  12. To organise the disposal and archiving of patient request forms, and sort laboratory reports for distribution.
  13. . To assist in other sections when required.

General Duties

To become familiar with the day – to day organisation of the Laboratory as it affects your work. You should be aware of the functions of the members of staff in the Laboratory as they affect your work. To attend laboratory meetings as required.

To undertake such work as you are assigned in a careful and efficient way and in compliance with current quality standards, regulatory requirements and the HSL Quality Management System.

To communicate in a friendly, helpful and non-prejudicial manner in your dealings with staff, clients and / or customers as you will be regarded as a representative of your Laboratory as well as the Company, and you should behave accordingly. Matters regarding patients are confidential and must not be discussed except in the course of your duties. You will be expected to sign an undertaking to observe all patient and Company confidentiality.

To be aware of and abide by the rules and codes of the Laboratory. This includes all core HR policies such as absence reporting, requesting of annual leave, and is particularly important in the case of Health and Safety and Fire procedures (please see below).

To behave in a professional manner and co-operate with all other members of staff at all times.

You will be trained for the work you are expected to do. Do not attempt any work unless you have been signed off as competent to do so. These competencies must be maintained and reviewed. You should communicate any difficulties, problems, accidents or incidents affecting the department as soon as possible to a section leader/manager.

To adhere to and to positively promote the HSL Core Values

To maintain high standards of work within your Laboratory. Other duties as assigned by the line manager.


Your performance will be continually assessed for competence, development and training needs and formally reviewed annually at a Training and Development Review. This will allow you to contribute to the corporate objectives of the department and HSL.


  • To be familiar and competent with procedures for dealing with the safe handling of biological and chemical materials in a laboratory environment.
  • To be familiar and competent with procedures to deal with biological and chemical spillages in a safe manner.
  • To be familiar and comp


  • To uphold the Quality Management System by understanding and observing the quality policies and procedures.
  • To understand and perform all work in accordance with the Standard Operating Procedures in order to ensure compliance with all local and national standards of work practice, e.g. Clinical Pathology Accreditation (UK) Ltd.
  • To comply with HSL policies pertinent to Clinical Governance and Risk Management.
  • To ensure quality control and assurance procedures are followed.
  • To identify opportunities to improve efficiency in own area.
  • To assist in the establishment, maintenance and review of the quality management system
  • To ensure analytical accuracy and confidentiality of results observing rules laid down by the Data Protection Act.
  • To communicate any difficulties or problems to senior staff/Manager promptly
  • To participate in the agreed audit programme as required.


  • To provide support for less experienced colleagues as requested.
  • To review and agree personal development, educational and training needs with the department Training Officer and appropriate Line Manager.
  • To maintain own personal development portfolio and training records.


You have a responsibility to comply with the Data Protection Act 1998 and to maintain confidentiality of staff, patients and Trust business.

If you are required to process information, you should do so in a fair and lawful way, ensuring accuracy is maintained. You should hold information only for the specific registered purpose and not use or disclose it in any way incompatible with such a purpose.

You should disclose information only to authorised persons or organisations as instructed. Breaches of confidentiality in relation to information will result in disciplinary action, which may include dismissal. Employees are expected to comply with all HSL policies and procedures and to work in accordance of the Data Protection Act 1998. For those posts where there is management or supervision of other staff it is the responsibility of that employee to ensure that their staff receive appropriate training


HSL is responsible for ensuring that the services provided to NHS institutions for patients in their care meet the highest standards. Equally, it is responsible for ensuring that staff do not abuse their official position, to gain or benefit themselves, their family or friends.


HSL values equality and diversity in employment and in the services we provide. It is committed to promoting equality and diversity in employment and will keep our policies and procedures under review to ensure that the job related needs of all staff working in HSL are recognised. Selection for training and development and promotion will be on the basis of the individual’s ability to meet the requirements for the job.

You are responsible for ensuring that HSL’s policies, procedures and obligation in respect of promoting equality and diversity are adhered to in relation to both staff and services.


All staff are expected to abide by guidance on standards of dress.

Experience level of the applicant we want

Some work experience, Graduate