Sustainable Development Network

The Sustainable Development Network (SDN) and African Sustainability Academy (ASA) provide platforms for NGOs, government, and professionals to network and access information on sustainable development. The ASA offers accredited and certificate courses related to organisational sustainability, resource mobilisation, social enterprise development, project management, volunteer management, financial management and more.
TheSDN is USA and RSA based non-profit company. The SDN, in partnership with theASA promote peer-to-peer learning and the establishment of communities of practice between NGOs, corporates, government agencies and donors, encouraging these sectors to reach toward common sustainable development goals.
The African Sustainability Academy offers capacity building and training programmes for non-profits (including seminars in resource mobilisation, fundraising and proposal writing; social enterprise development; financial management; monitoring, evaluation and reporting; social media and more. Courses for governmentinclude renewable energy systems and technologies, sustainable service delivery and more. Seminars and courses for corporates include Mini-MBAs; people management and team development; policy development and more (see our Events page for our annual training schedule).
One Heart for Kids is a holistic movementthat enables children to reach their potential throughsportand education – with a focus onTrail Running and Mountain Bikeevents. The proceeds from these events are used to purchase internationally renowned,CAPS approved, Department of Education endorsed Key Link literacy curriculum for under-resourced primary schools in South Africa. One Heart is also anidentity development and mentoring programme for youth,that promotes leadership, health, and love for nature through youth leadership camps.