Association of Cuban-American Engineers

The Association of Cuban American Engineers (ACAE) was originally founded in January 1961 as the Asociacion de Ingenieros Cubanos (AIC or Association of Cuban Engineers) through a gathering of Cuban exiles in Miami who set out to help those in their profession. One major roadblock to the success of many Cuban engineers was the certification of their engineering degrees upon arrival in the U.S. The founders of ACAE developed a plan for degree certification through curriculum descriptions and graduation records of the degrees awarded at the University of Havana. They standardized their certification process through the provision of affidavits of degree and these affidavits were accepted by many engineering licensure programs, thus allowing engineers who received their degrees in Cuba to take their licensing exams in many states throughout the U.S. and other countries. Moreover, these affidavits were also accepted by Universities on behalf of those engineers who were to pursue advanced degrees. As a result, the work towards the founding mission of the ACAE, to help those in their profession, made a huge impact on the lives of many engineers who left Cuba, giving them the opportunity to practice engineering and to continue their education in the U.S. and abroad.