Begun as a technical writing consulting firm, the company started publishing books about programming and computer technology in 1984. These books, known for the woodcuts of animals on the cover, became such a pervasive feature of the internet revolution that when, in 2000, the cover of Publisher’s Weekly declared “The Internet Was Built With O’Reilly Books,” no one could take exception to the claim. In 1992, O’Reilly published the first popular book about the Internet, Ed Krol’s groundbreaking Whole Internet User’s Guide and Catalog, which helped to popularize the World Wide Web when there were fewer than 200 web sites. O’Reilly Media went on to create the first commercial web portal in 1993, the Global Network Navigator (“GNN”). GNN was the first site on the World Wide Web to support advertising. GNN was sold to AOL in 1995, one of the first big transactions of the dot com boom.