Over 950,000 people across the world have used SmarterSelect to
create, manage, analyze, apply for, and evaluate online applications. Whatever the size of your organization, and whether you’re a private foundation, community foundation, association, educational institution, or
corporation, SmarterSelect has solutions that will meet your online application management needs.

SmarterSelect was started in 2007, when our founder’s daughter was applying for scholarships. He observed that
most organizations were using either paper, such as her large university, or home-grown, minimal web forms that were very expensive to create and maintain. With the introduction of cloud computing, the idea of a
cost-effective, feature-rich, hosted application management solution was born.

We are, first and foremost, a service company. We don’t sell technology. We help our clients achieve their
goals and satisfaction by serving them with outstanding customer support coupled with
our deep understanding of online applications.

SmarterSelect is self-funded, profitable, and slowly taking over the world of online applications. Our team
works hard to make products people love to use. Our in-house support staff sits on the front lines, helping customers solve problems and make the most of their online applications. Our marketing and user-experience
designers are constantly innovating, collaborating, and fixing things. And behind the scenes, we’ve
got technology professionals keeping the wheels turning.