Institute for Educational Advancement

In 1998, Elizabeth D. Jones, former Associate Director of The Johns Hopkins Center for Talented Youth and Director of the Western Region; and Jim Davis, former Superintendent of La Cañada Unified School District in California; founded IEA to address the pressing needs of gifted children.

Almost 20 years later, IEA continues this legacy, creating a community for gifted students who seek to understand their intellectual and creative gifts. Our approach is based on the knowledge that an optimal match is the ideal learning method for the gifted student. IEA believes that, in order to fully actualize their abilities, highly able students require strong academic and personal development programs provided by skilled educators, administrators, and professionals. IEA is not limited to one approach to learning, but seeks the best strategy for each individual student, school, or school district. As one of the nation’s leading organizations for gifted and talented youth, we value the person above the test score. IEA is committed to the whole child, inspiring students to grow and find balance among all five aspects of self: intellectual, emotional, social, spiritual, and physical.