Meetup communities thrive when you show up IRL to do what you love — together. 

We believe the global Meetup community deserves to feel welcomed, respected, and excited to connect with each other, whether we do that in person or on social media.

Here are the five key tenets of our community on social media:

1. Be welcoming. Cultivate a space where everyone feels safe to be themselves: a community driven by kindness — not bullying, trolling, or bigotry.

2. Be real. Act as you would act in real life: with integrity and authenticity.

3. Be impactul. Contribute to the discussion, and respect everyone’s time. What would you say if you were talking in person at a Meetup?

4. Be spirited. Show up with an openness to diverse perspectives and lively debate.

5. Be thoughtful. Challenge ideas, not people.

If your posts on social media conflict with any of these tenets:

* Your post may be removed. You will be privately notified, warned, and encouraged to adjust your actions going forward in order to stay a member of the community.

* If you violate any of these tenets again, we have the right to ban you from our community on all social media channels.