Hello everyone!

My name is Dave, and I’m the new owner of Dronethusiast. I’m just getting started into drones but I do have experience managing a website!  I won’t be changing much about the website, Zsolt was doing a great job! We still have Zsolt on board helping out here and there with technical advice news about the drone scene because that is his specialty!

I live in the United States, and I’ve taken over Dronethusiast, but I plan on keeping up with everything that Zsolt had in mind for the site, because he had a good vision. I don’t want to mess with what’s already working, so get ready for more great aerial videos, tips from Lynh Phan, technical advice from great writers and news about drones around the world!

Contact me at dronethusiast AT gmail.com

Previous Owners About Information here:

Nic and Zsolt here from France and Hungary (respectively). We live and work in amazing Budapest Hungary so you will have a chance to see some cool vids and pics the city throughout our site.  Give us a holler if you are in town!

We have created this site to make big bucks quickly to serve you with valuable information and insight if you share the same passion we have: flying drones for fun, take great photos and record amazing footage.

We currently fly a Parrot AR Drone Elite Edition GPS (less often), a DJI Phantom 2 Vision with a 2D gimbal installed and a Phantom 2 Vision+. Will make sure we get our hands on other units too, so we can share our experiences with you.

Please enjoy the stories and be sure to let us know what you think. Also sign up for our newsletter so you never miss an important post. Please also contact us if you feel like you could contribute to our site, would like to write a piece!

Nic and Zsolt