Insight Centre

Data is changing our world. The field of data analytics is progressing at a rate beyond anything we have ever experienced. It is a whole new frontier.

If we can tap into this new wealth of information and make decisions based on it, we will transform the way our world works. Data analytics is a massive global research effort aimed at taking the guesswork out of decision making in society. It has the potential to improve our approach to everything from hospital waiting lists to energy use to advertising.

At the Insight Centre, this is what we do. We take this deluge of data and we make sense of it. Then we come up with ways about how best to use it for the benefit of society. Making good decisions for citizens is dependent on having the best and most accurate information at your fingertips. At Insight, we process and use information to enable better decision making for individuals, society and industry.

We are in a unique position at the interface of academia and industry. With Insight, businesses can work with the finest minds in academia to come up with solutions to problems they encounter. As a research institute, Insight also conducts blue sky research in exciting fields such as the semantic web and linked data, areas that have the potential to transform society.

But here at Insight we are also acutely aware of the need for trust and respect when it comes to people's data. Privacy concerns cannot be allayed without handing control of data back to the originators of that data. Our Magna Carta for Data project is an ongoing process and a demonstration of Insight's commitment to furthering the field of data ethics.

Data is changing our world. At Insight, we want our research to ensure it’s changing for the better.

Oliver Daniels CEO