Alliance Pipeline

Alliance Pipeline began operations on December 1, 2000. We now transport natural gas through a 3,848-kilometre (2,391-mile) integrated Canadian and U.S. natural gas transmission pipeline system that collects gas in northeastern British Columbia and northwestern Alberta, running underground through Saskatchewan, North Dakota, Minnesota, Iowa, and terminating in Illinois, the heart of the U.S. Midwest. Allian ce delivers approximately 1.6 billion cubic feet per day of rich, natural gas to the Chicago market. Doing Business with Us.

We strive to be good neighbors who support the communities where we live and work, while we seek new business opportunities to transport natural gas, the cleanest burning fossil fuel available today. 

We believe in the value of teamwork where mutual respect, honesty and integrity are imperative. We plan our work and work our plan. Working at Alliance Pipeline is about having the right attitude. Our culture embodies excellence and perseverance along with pride, passion and fun.

Alliance Pipeline is dedicated to being the most reliable, safest, competitive and environmentally responsible transporter of natural gas in North America.