Codiak BioSciences

Founded in 2015, Codiak is building a unique platform to employ exosomes as therapeutics. Exosomes are an ancient, highly evolved, and natural messenger system that cells use to communicate. Exosomes are lipid nanoparticles that have unique protein and carbohydrate molecules on their surface that allow them to traffic in the body and be taken up efficiently by cells. At Codiak, we can engineer specific messages into the exosome system, effectively hijacking their biology to define a new class of medicines.

Codiak can precisely control the signals either on the surface of or within the exosome, and deliver a precise signal(s) to promote a therapeutic effect. We can target drugs broadly throughout the body and optimize their therapeutic potential. Harnessing exosomes, Codiak is creating a new class of therapeutics that will push the frontier of biological research and accelerate the evolution of modern medicine.