Engineering Institute of Technology

The key objective of the Engineering Institute of Technology (EIT) is to provide an outstanding practical engineering and technology education; from Diplomas through to Masters Degrees. The finest engineering lecturers and instructors, with extensive real engineering experience in industry, are drawn from around the world. The learning is gained through synchronous, online (eLearning) technologies.

EIT offers awards in a growing array of engineering fields. The programs are taught using the unique approach of LIVE interactive sessions over the Internet, combined with practical exercises completed using remote laboratories and simulation software. The range of programs include:

  • Professional Certificate of Competency - 3 months (part time, intensive)
  • Diploma of Leadership and Management - 12 months (part time, intensive)
  • Advanced Diploma - 18 to 24 months (part time, intensive)
  • Bachelor of Science in four (4) streams: Industrial Automation Engineering; Electrical Engineering; Mechanical Engineering; Civil and Structural Engineering - 3 years (full time)
  • Graduate Certificate - 6 months (part time, intensive)
  • Graduate Diploma - 12 months (part time, intensive)
  • Master of Engineering in three (3) specialties: Industrial Automation; Electrical Systems; Safety, Risk and Reliability - 24 months (part time intensive)