Association of Women Contractors

The Association of Women Contractors (AWC) provides unique support to women business owners in the construction industry. Currently over 200 members of AWC are on the roster and include women who bid work in the construction industry as general contractors, specialty subcontractors, material suppliers and trucking businesses. As contractors or material suppliers, they are working statewide on residential and commercial projects as vertical contractors, or on transportation related projects building roads, bridges, airports and waterways.

Association of Women Contractors USA
Sep 26, 2017
Scholarship - General
Scholarship Description: AWC awards numerous scholarships to females entering construction related careers through the academic track or through an apprenticeship. Both options require residence in Minnesota. Academic Applicants must be a female student; a current resident of MN or attending post high school education in Minnesota; attending an accredited school for construction related careers including but not limited to: architecture, engineering, construction management, project management, and construction trade programs. Apprentice Applicants must be a female enrolled in or planning to enroll in a construction trade apprenticeship program.   This scholarship applications will be available in February 2018 and close April 30, 2018.