Xerox Research Centre India

Xerox Research Centre India (XRCI) is the youngest research centre at Xerox Corporation and the first of these famed research centres to be based in an emerging market. While Xerox has the distinction of being one of the few technology companies to become a verb, Xerox today is also a premium services provider, an area that is driving significant growth for the company. At XRCI, our mission is to develop innovations that help our clients achieve transformational impact in their business. While we regard the entire world as our playing field, we have a special focus on addressing the unique challenges facing emerging markets like India. We see banks looking for a way to provide services in a financially viable manner to a large unbanked population. We see a growing wave of young people entering the workforce who need to be well educated and given the right skills. We see healthcare providers trying to reach underserved regions and trying to improve the quality of healthcare by utilizing information technology. We see crowded cities where authorities need to find ways of reducing the tedium in basic tasks like a daily commute to work for their citizens. In these challenges, we see amazing opportunities for world class research that enables our clients to touch the lives of real people.

Xerox Research Centre India India
Mar 07, 2018
XRCI offers internship opportunities throughout the year but a structured summer program is run during May – August every year.  At present, we have opportunities for students in Computer Science, Electronics & Electrical Engineering, Humanities, Social Science and other relevant disciplines. XRCI accept applications from students at various levels in their academic life, from Undergraduate to Ph.D. candidates and from best universities across the globe. Selected interns will get the opportunity to work closely with very talented researchers to: create and deliver innovative technical solutions publish papers in top conferences and journals contribute to the generation of patents, and pursue breakthrough research in a challenging and stimulating environment.  Internships are usually given for a period ranging from 3 to 12 months. Interns will work on interesting projects in one or more of the following areas: Big Data analysis and visualization based on data from real life applications Mobile and Pervasive Computing that implement real life solutions with particular focus on mobile client application development Data analytics using machine learning, graph analysis, statistical techniques, social media, text/audio/video analytics for identifying and implementing classification/clustering/prediction solutions to gain business insights Sophisticated Data analytics of social media text, video, speech or images to gain business insights using techniques from machine learning, graph analysis, statistical and stochastic modelling, natural language processing and semantic web Distributed Systems with particular emphasis on cloud computing, web/mobile application development and large scale software systems Human Computation with emphasis on optimization, crowd computation, image processing, knowledge-based systems and user interfaces Human Centred Design that interacts with computers to translate ethnographic insights into information architectures, conceptual prototypes and working solutions  The interns will participate in cutting edge research and will apply the highest level of technical competence, analytical and problem solving abilities in support of original and creative scientific projects of significant business impact. Stipend:  While we give excellent environment to our interns to experience industrial research, we pay them stipend that is competitive with what other leading companies pay in India.   Travel:  We will reimburse the expenses related to travel to the work location.  Housing:  We also provide complimentary housing to all our interns. Culture:  At XRCI, it is not just an internship where you work with your mentors on a defined research project but it’s a journey to explore cutting edge technologies; a place to express your ideas and innovate; an opportunity to make friends and socialize; an experience to learn, perform in high energy environment.  During the course of internship, we organize various social and formal programs that helps in overall development of our interns.