Xerox Research Centre India

Xerox Research Centre India (XRCI) is the youngest research centre at Xerox Corporation and the first of these famed research centres to be based in an emerging market. While Xerox has the distinction of being one of the few technology companies to become a verb, Xerox today is also a premium services provider, an area that is driving significant growth for the company. At XRCI, our mission is to develop innovations that help our clients achieve transformational impact in their business. While we regard the entire world as our playing field, we have a special focus on addressing the unique challenges facing emerging markets like India. We see banks looking for a way to provide services in a financially viable manner to a large unbanked population. We see a growing wave of young people entering the workforce who need to be well educated and given the right skills. We see healthcare providers trying to reach underserved regions and trying to improve the quality of healthcare by utilizing information technology. We see crowded cities where authorities need to find ways of reducing the tedium in basic tasks like a daily commute to work for their citizens. In these challenges, we see amazing opportunities for world class research that enables our clients to touch the lives of real people.