PG Group was established in 1897 in Cape Town, South Africa. The group produces, installs and distributes glass film solutions, automotive glass and aluminium. PG is the most well-known glass name across Southern Africa.

The PG Group have invested in numerous well-known companies, including the following:
PG Aluminium who are a top manufacturer and installer of custom made architectural aluminium doors and windows. PG Primador who supply top quality aluminium windows, aluminium doors, as well as aluminium shower door frames. PFG who are a top manufacturer of patterned glass, float glass, mirrors, laminated glass and sealant products. PG Glass who are the top supplier of glass replacement services for auto and building. PG Building Glass who are the top distributor of SmartGlass, mirror and float products. Shatterprufe who are top distributors and manufacturers of OE Auto and replacement glass products. LLumar Films who produce LLumar™ high performance window film for auto glass, home and building glass. PG Africa who distribute, repair and replace auto and building glass. Widney Transport Components who supply specialty sliding window solutions and commercial vehicle glass.