The merSETA is a part of the Sector Education and Training Authorities (SETAs), whose aim it is to encourage skill development in South Africa. There are a total of 21 SETAs, with sectors in Engineering, Manufacturing and other related fields.

merSETA South Africa
Sep 10, 2020
Grants - Awards - Bursaries
merSETA bursaries are awarded annually to University students and biannually to University of Technology students, within the following fields of study: Universities of Technology students (semester courses): Chemical Engineering (National Diploma) Electrical Engineering (light and heavy current & electronics) (National Diploma) Metallurgy & Materials Engineering (National Diploma) Industrial Engineering (National Diploma) Mechanical Engineering (including Mechatronics) (National Diploma) Polymer Technology (National Diploma) Production and Operations Management (National Diploma) University students (undergraduate programmes): Chemical Engineering (BSc) Electrical Engineering (light and heavy current and electronic) (BSc) Industrial Engineering (BSc) Mechanical Engineering (including Mechatronics) (BSc) Metallurgy and Materials Engineering (BSc) Polymer Technology (BSc) Production and Operations Management (BSc)...