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WarnerMedia Atlanta, Georgia, USA
Sep 01, 2020
We are the now and the next. The power behind the people building the future. We are born from the spirit of innovation. We are created from the idea that people around the world want more, need more, deserve more. We are the home of the global digital revolution. We are CNN. The Team What does our department do? The trending team is a relatively new addition to CNN Digital. We're a crack team of highly driven storytellers with one goal: Stories that sing, infographics that awe, and content that's smartly packaged; socially shared and sparks conversations. We don't do trending stories. We make stories trend. We don't do pyramid style. We do eye-popping visuals. We don't do status quo. We dream up inspired initiatives. Oh, and we also produce CNN's flagship newsletter and quizzes. The Job CNN Digital News Intern The Daily What will you be doing? What won't you be doing? You will come up with story ideas daily, and write daily. You will...