South African Institute of Race Relations

The South African Institute of Race Relations (SAIRR), established in 1929, is a research and policy organisation based in South Africa. The aim of the institute is to investigate social and economic conditions (including inequality, poverty) within the country and distribute the findings, as well as to encourage economic growth.

SAIRR have been providing educational funding to disadvantaged South Africans since the year 1935. As of 1980, the Institute has awarded over R220 million in bursaries, which has been a significant contribution to economic empowerment within the country. Funding has been granted a cross a range of fields, including business and commerce; medicine, health sciences and dentistry; science and engineering; education; law and arts

Among the over 3 500 students that have received funding, is the late Mr Nelson Mandela, who was granted a bursary in the late 1940s to the value of £120.