International Fertilizer Development Center

The International Fertilizer Development Center is a science-based public international organization working to alleviate global hunger by introducing improved agricultural practices and fertilizer technologies to farmers and by linking farmers to markets.

International Fertilizer Development Center Muscle Shoals, AL, USA
Jul 08, 2020
IFDC is an independent non-profit organization that combines innovative research, market systems development, and strategic partnerships to spread sustainable agricultural solutions for improved soil health, food security, and livelihoods around the world.  Job Description:   This internship is for the summer 2020. The intern will serve 240 hours and receive a stipend of $1,000. This position involves analyzing the chemical components of various materials (e.g., agrominerals, soil samples, plant tissues, fertilizers). Duties may include:  Assist in the analyses of various materials related to fertilizers (e.g., splitting, grinding, drying and preparing samples for analysis; labeling, weighing and chemically treating samples; determining the sample compounds using various instruments; analyzing quantitative and qualitative methods of isotopic and non-isotopic fertilizer materials; interpreting data) Assisting in setting-up, conducting and monitoring...