British International Education Association

The British International Education Association (BIEA) is a not-for-profit organisation with head office in London. Our mission is to promote British education to emerging international education markets, primarily in China and UAE, but also in other countries. BIEA works to meet the needs and challenges in the international education.

BIEA delivers
• training for policy makers and also for school leaders and school staff who want to benefit from the ideas and principles that underpin education in the UK
• a range of services to organisations involved in education, including education institutions, management companies and investment companies

BIEA is helping to build a platform for knowledge exchange between the UK and other national education services, through direct interaction between policy makers and education professionals. We aim to broaden the horizons of education practitioners through training events in the UK and in the range of countries we are building partnerships. We also offer a range of consultancy services to British education companies working in China and with Chinese companies that are building new schools in China.

We are proud to support education providers at all levels, from Early-Years through to Secondary Education (STEM education), with our goal always to assist in giving children the best chance in life that they can possibly have.

A young, dynamic and forward-thinking organisation, BIEA is led by a board made up of passionate and committed Headteachers and Governors who have long-standing connections to both state and private entities within the UK educational sector.

BIEA is working with the Department of International Trade (DIT) in the UK to promote British education and has gained the support from British Council.