Unlike other incubators and accelerators, the RVC HyperAccelerator doesn’t take your valuable equity and doesn’t take twelve weeks of your time while you trying to manage your business. Hyperaccelerator includes extensive mentoring from experienced investors, successful entrepreneurs, and legal, financial, and marketing startup experts. Founders complete HyperAccelerator with strategic growth momentum and no loss of equity. Every startup needs a solid go-to-market strategy, capital plan, legal basics, strategic planning, believable proformas, valuation, exit strategies, pitch coaching, and term sheets to negotiate with investors. And a compelling pitch for demo day!

What is the HyperAccelerator?

The Rockies Venture Institute’s HyperAccelerator is an innovative immersion program to develop and prepare tech, healthcare, and consumer product companies for investment and fast growth. Companies that graduate from the program are more likely to raise angel and VC funding and to grow quickly and demonstrate key milestones.