JITX is a team that is building next‑generation software to help companies design better electronics. Dedicated to solving difficult problems with huge impact, our first step is to automate circuit board design. We are a profitable seed‑stage startup, backed by Y Combinator.

JITX Inc. Berkeley, CA, USA
Mar 16, 2020
Job - Full time
We are looking for an electrical engineer to join our growing team. We build design tools for software defined electronics; our users generate circuit board designs programmatically instead of designing them by hand. As an electrical engineer, you would be using our tool to develop real designs, and advising the software development team on how to best improve the tool. Day to day, you would be using our software to build cool and compelling designs. You would help our new users come up to speed quickly, and come up with applications that we can share with the world. Here are some examples of things you would do with us: Use our tools to design circuit boards that push the capabilities of our software Invent new design patterns for automating electrical engineering using code Implement generators that solve local EE problems like circuit protection, or DDR4 implementation Advise our customers on how to solve their problems with our tool Develop onboarding...