In 1990, our founder, Dr. Bernard Gordon III, PhD, was working as a professor of polymer science at Penn State University. He saw an opportunity to capitalize on a niche market by developing a novel process of producing poly(2-ethyl-2-oxazoline), later trade named Aquazol®, while remaining cost effective for customers. This entrepreneurial ambition paved the way for the company we are today. 30 years later, PCI is still the only commercial manufacturer of Aquazol® (PEtOx) and has expanded into other specialty materials – each synthesized through innovative processes known and developed exclusively by PCI’s chemists.

Polymer Chemistry Tucson, AZ, USA
Nov 20, 2019
Scholarship - General
As a company built on education, PCI’s leadership understands the importance of continued education, and appreciates the discipline, dedication, time, and effort it takes to see a college degree through to the end. PCI is proud to employ a high ratio of female workers within a male-dominated industry and offers the Women in STEM Scholarship to further support the education and careers of women as we work towards closing the wage gap.  We call on all women looking to pursue an education in Science, Technology, Engineering, or Math, to apply to our annual scholarship.  The winner will be awarded $2,000 towards her education. 35% of STEM degrees are earned by women. 24% of STEM careers are held by women. How it Works Write about why you are passionate about STEM and what you would like to do in the STEM field Write a brief summary of what you would do with scholarships to fuel your STEM passion. Entry Rules...