Radius Payment Solutions is a payment and fleet services company headquartered in Crewe, Cheshire. It operates a technology centre in Manchester, which was established in March 2016, and has a presence in 29 countries. It opened offices in Singapore and Malaysia in September 2016.

Radius Payment Solutions Manchester, UK
Oct 22, 2019
Job - Full time
At Radius, we deal with a number of very large data sets, the largest of which is our detailed telemetry for the vehicles we track. These vehicles cover hundreds of millions of miles per month and we record every significant piece of driver behaviour data we can capture during those journeys, as well as recording the location, speed and heading of the vehicle at regular intervals. This data set has created the need for new tools, practices and processes.  We are making use of data science, machine learning and interactive visualisations to gather insights from this data, in order to build better products and innovate for our customers.   We also use these same technologies to develop our product strategy internally.  We recently presented our work on using unsupervised machine learning to process our fuel station data and to visualise our market share. Technologies we use for our work with data include: Cassandra Apache Spark ActiveMQ Python...