Surgivance is developing an advanced imaging system and aims to provide rapid, bedside surgical pathology.

SurgiVance New York, USA
Aug 22, 2019
Job - Full time
You will be a cutting-edge research engineer, working closely with surgeons and surgical specimens to adapt custom software and hardware to transform our academic prototype into a product prototype. The position will entail software development --primarily in Matlab—to drive a multi-laser engine in multimodal imaging. A comfort with, and basic understanding of, mechanical and electronic-circuit design, alongside fabrication methods (milling, lathing, etc.) is expected. Experience in optics/microscopy required. Knowledge of basic tissue staining procedures and optics/laser alignment a plus. Must be able to work both independently and closely with the inventor to accomplish a complete product prototype, from design through fabrication and testing. SurgiVance extensively uses opto-mechanics in reflectance mode confocal microscopy and fluorescent stains for molecular labeling of multiple tissue components. Specific initial responsibilities include:  Opto-mechanically...