PlasmaNano designs, develops and licenses plasma processing reactors that etch, modify, and functionalize a wide range of materials used in biomedical, energy and new materials applications.  Based on years of research by leading scientists in plasma technology, we have developed cost effective processing techniques to address the complexities of evolving material properties.  Our reactors combine power efficiency, versatility in material treatment and scalability in a single package without compromising performance.

Our ability to drive precise surface chemistries in a unique but flexible operating environment enables diverse industries to incorporate our technology.

PlasmaNano San Diego, CA, USA
Aug 08, 2019
Job - Full time
We are seeking a consulting scientist to diversify our research and development efforts aimed at synthesis, characterization and scale-up of functional polymers and block copolymers for drug delivery applications. We are seeking candidates with a proven record of innovation and interested in collaborative teamwork across material science, plasma physics, and biochemistry disciplines for development of our biotech applications. If mutually acceptable, this position could lead to a full time opportunity after 6 months of employment. Qualifications Ph.D. in Chemistry, Chemical Engineering or Material Science with relevant doctoral/post-doctoral research experience or Master’s Degree and 2+ years of relevant industrial or academic research experience. Training and research experience in the field of polymer science or polymer chemistry is required, including hands-on experience in the areas of polymer synthesis using one or more polymerization processes...