Low Emissions Resources Corporation

LERC’s advanced chemical synthesis process will transform the way ammonia, water and methanol are produced and energy is stored and utilized. These essential chemicals and resulting applications will be created at a significantly lower cost than existing processes with either no or substantially lower greenhouse emissions.

Low Emissions Resources Corporation Dundee, UK
Aug 05, 2019
Job - Full time
Are you looking to join an exciting start-up organization that has developed a groundbreaking, patent-pending proprietary technology? Low Emissions Resources Corp (LERC) technology uses ionically-conducting ceramic materials that creates clean, cost-effective synthesis and transformation of a variety of essential chemicals and compounds. Our energy-efficient Solid-Oxide Electrolyzer Cell System (SOEC) has many applications in making useful chemicals. Our Dundee facility houses our Research & Development and Process & Design teams which also take advantage of our formal collaboration agreement St. Andrews University, allowing for robust collaboration with faculty, students and post-docs. We are looking to add a Laboratory Technician to our growing research staff. The Laboratory Technician will assist our engineers, scientists and the Senior Laboratory Technician in day-to-day lab operations involving research and process design. They perform routine...