Improving quality of life.

Everything we do is about improving people’s daily lives. We believe healthy school meals make kids do better. That relaxed patients recover faster. And organizations with engaged employees perform better. With our unique wide range of integrated services, this is what our On-site, Benefits and Rewards and Personal Home services do every day.

Sodexo Manchester, UK
Aug 01, 2019
Job - Full time
Join a team that wants to change the way the world works! Are we describing you? Are you bursting with curiosity? Would you make a great witness – you notice things? Do you care about the planet? Do you want to make a difference? Are you always the first to try new technologies, new food, the latest club? Are you a ringleader? Do you think work should/could be fun? We are looking for people like you, from any and every background who have the courage, the enthusiasm, and the raw talent to join our winning team. Sodexo is one of the world’s largest employers with a reputation second to none in our ability to attract and retain hugely diverse talented people, all over the world in many different disciplines. – We don’t just do one thing in one place – we are highly connected and constantly evolving! If you have bagged a 2.1 we know you work hard, and we know you do more than just work. Role...