We are dMetrics, an AI company founded by two MIT PhDs. Our work is based on three ideas: 

  1. Domain experts know best what's right for them. You, not ML engineers, are in charge.

  2. No single AI will control the world; millions of people will train millions of AIs.

  3. To have real impact, AI must be a democracy. 

Our innovations in natural language processing lie at the core of a state-of-the-art NLP architecture for analyzing large collections of unstructured text. dMetrics clients include some of the largest pharmaceutical and financial companies, as well as ad agencies that serve them. Our team is comprised of some of the world's top authorities in machine learning (ML) and NLP. dMetrics' investors include Nicholas Negroponte (founder of the MIT Media Lab and One Laptop Per Child), Evan Schulman (commonly known as one of the "fathers of electronic trading"), John Johnson (president of BuzzFeed), and other industry leaders.