Transnet SOC Ltd was founded in the year 1990 and is the biggest logistical freight company in South Africa. However, the year 1867 was the first time the country identified a need for railway services, upon the uncovering of diamonds in Kimberly.

The company is responsible for transporting tons of goods around South Africa on a daily basis, via rail; pipeline and port. The company has headquarters based in the Carlton Centre in Johannesburg and has a staff force of over 49 000 employees. They aim to deliver safe, reliable, cost-effective, efficient and integrated services in order to promote the economic growth of the country.

Transnet is made up of the following operating divisions: rail engineering (previously known as Transwerk), freight rail (previously known as Spoornet), port terminals (previously known as SAPO), national ports authority (previously known as the NPA) and pipelines (previously known as Petronet).