The Minerals Industry of the Future

The Minerals Industry of the Future will be created from a vision that we collectively create now, that will make our industry safe, healthy and productive, and which satisfies the expectations and desires of all our stakeholders.

This means that it is a vision that is based on a combination of People, Processes and Technologies, integrated together to create real value for shareholders, employees and communities.

Underpinning this vision is our interpretation of the impacts and opportunities offered by Artificial Intelligence, Industrial Revolution 4.0, automation and the Internet of Things. However, it does not end there: it must also include revolutionary new technologies and machines that fundamentally change our way of mining into a cleaner, healthier and greener way of mining, which reduces our physical and carbon footprints, and creates new and exciting job opportunities and skills for the people in areas where mining takes place.

This journey will be an endless one, because the future we may envisage now, may be different if we envision it ten years from now. Thus, our quest for the mine of the future must be driven by constantly refreshing our thoughts and the advances in technology way beyond mining.