South Africa’s wildlife and natural landscapes are more than just precious resources, they represent our national and cultural identity.  A concerted national effort is required to drive biodiversity skills development to implement South Africa’s dynamic and increasing complex biodiversity policies and strategies - a need to which the GreenMatter network of partners responds to.
GreenMatter works towards unlocking the environmental, social and economic potential of our country, through the development of suitably skilled biodiversity specialists, researchers and professionals. At GreenMatter, we bring together networks of organisations, institutions and agencies to implement solutions that are aimed at addressing the challenges around developing relevant and quality biodiversity skills.
GreenMatter does this in support of the various strategies and frameworks in place to address the demand for quality environmental skills such as the Biodiversity Human Capital Development Strategy (BHCD), the Environmental Sector Skills Plan (ESSP) and the Department of Science and Technology’s Global Change Human Capital Development Strategy.