Digital Applications International Limited

Within our chosen sectors and technologies we are market leaders in the delivery of, on time and to budget, business critical software systems. We still have the flexibility normally associated with dynamic small to medium sized companies, yet the dependability and assurance offered by our larger size.

Our staff have a ‘can do’ approach to business, and are of the highest calibre, delivering effective solutions to the cost we have committed to, in the agreed timescales. We understand meeting timescales are critical to project success.

At our core, we are leading experts, delivering (and then supporting), sometimes complex, software led solutions better than our competitors. We help you, our customers, achieve true competitive advantage through the delivery of effective and dependable solutions.

Our key customer values are:

  • Total System Responsibility: System users should not have to concern themselves with layer upon layer of third party software. Suppliers should take responsibility for the entire system, including all constituent products.
  • Operationally Oriented User Experience: Screens should be a responsive and intuitive, enabling users to view their operational world in a way that accelerates and enhances understanding.
  • Lifetime Reliability: A system must be robust and dependable and should give good service for the lifetime of the operation that it serves. Forced system upgrades should not be the norm to maintain supportability.
  • Real-World Support: Support of a live computer system must be focused on real-world operational processes. The support service should understand and respond to a problem in operational terms.
  • Fixed Price Business Model: Systems of defined functionality, performance and timescale should be delivered at a definite price. Business models that have no commitment to a final price should be a thing of the past.

Our delivered systems are frequently put forward for industry awards or recommendations, either in their own right or as a key component of a larger total solution. Rather uniquely in the markets we work in, we are privately owned with a flat corporate structure and hence are able to make decisions quickly and innovate.

If you are an ambitious company looking to implement effective solutions, to achieve operational advantage, then speak to us …