South African Veterinary Foundation

The South African Veterinary Foundation is a non-profit organisation, founded in 1984, whose aim it is to raise funds and promote animal education by research and informing the general public. At present, the Foundation has 3 Directors – Dr JJ Viljoen, Dr R Lobetti and Prof RM Kirberger.

The Foundation aims to advance and promote all aspects of Biological Sciences and Veterinary Sciences in South Africa. In order to do so, they aim to support veterinary research, fund veterinary studies by means of loans and bursaries, as well as administer and invest in financial portfolios to hopefully improve the quality of life of human and animals. The SAVF have numerous initiatives whereby organisations or the public can contribute to the well being and support of animals.

The South African Veterinary Foundation (SAVF) initiated the bursary fund in 1999 and have since provided funding to the total value of R215 500.