Imam Abdullah Haron Education Trust

The Imam Abdullah Haron Education Trust (IAHET) was established in 2005 in memory of the late Imam Abdullah Haron, killed in police detention in 1969 after fighting against the Apartheid regime. The Trust aims to honour Imam Haron’s vision, which included empowering previously disadvantaged individuals and groups by way of education.

The IAHET aims to provide education funding all the way from pre-primary (ie. early childhood development project grants) until postgraduate studies (bursaries).

Bursaries are funded solely by means of donations from individuals and companies at the Corporate Golf Day held each year. Together with the Muslim Educational Movement and the Hospital Welfare, IAHET are able to administer these fantastic bursary opportunities. Since the inception of the programme in 2006, the IAHET has provided funding to 385 deserving tertiary students, to the value of over R2.7 million.