In 1979, the Shoprite Group was founded in a small town in South Africa by the acquisition of 8 Cape Town-based supermarkets. Today, Shoprite operates more than 270 stores across 16 countries in Africa and the Indian Ocean Islands.

The company also owns almost 2000 corporate stores such as Checkers, Checkers Hyper, Checkers Liquor, Checkers MediRite, OK Furniture, OK Express, House & Home, Hungry Lion, Shoprite Liquor, Shoprite MediRite and Usave.

Apart from the corporate stores, The Shoprite Group also own 367 franchise brands stores across South Africa and Namibia, including: Friendly Stores, Friendly Liquor, Megasave, OK Foods, OK Minimark, OK Grocer, OK Value, Sentra and Enjoy.