McLaren Engineering Group

McLaren Engineering Group is a leading engineering firm, headquartered in New Jersey, with offices that extend across the country.

We offer clients unparalleled service and technical innovation solving complex engineering problems with creative, custom solutions. Over the past 40 years, we have engineered projects of nearly every size, shape, scope and discipline—ranging from high-rise structures to bridges and piers to entertainment productions—using a creative process we refer to as Applied Ingenuity.

Founder and CEO Malcolm G. McLaren, PE, SECB is an industry pioneer, spearheading the concept of the engineer-as-diver profession in the 1970s. Since founding the firm in his basement in 1977, the sky has been the limit.

Today, McLaren Engineering Group employs over 200 people in 11 offices, serving 10 key markets. Licensed in 49 states, McLaren has provided customized engineering solutions for over 15,000 projects from concept, to design, to inspection and construction management.

With experts in numerous engineering disciplines and a passion for innovation and out-of-the-box thinking McLaren can address any project’s specific range of design with technical excellence and innovation.