Leadership: The desire to stay connected to projects and clients is what brought our company leaders together. Not content to "sit back and manage paperwork" as they advance their careers, our company leaders prefer to work alongside clients every day. This model is a bit different than the typical consulting firm and allows us to provide superior service to our clients as well as excellent mentoring for our staff. As a result, we have created a company that is genuinely client-centric, where all employees are focused on supporting clients and building strong relationships.

Focus: One look at the location of our offices and it's easy to spot the trend: our company is focused on the waterfront. Oceans, gulfs, bays, rivers, lakes, streams and wetlands, are where you will find us working on planning, cleanup, development, and restoration projects. But our geographic focus is only part of the story. The real focus at Anchor QEA is to provide quality in everything we do, whether it is a technical report, engineering design, environmental review, or formal presentation. Our clients recognize this difference and know that a key strength we bring to any project is our dedication to superior product quality.

Culture: The enthusiasm for being creative and solving problems is a common thread among all of us at Anchor QEA. We are fortunate to work on fascinating projects in challenging settings, and we enjoy collaborating to provide the best strategies and solutions. We have the best and the brightest staff who understand the importance of integrity and service, and have the freedom to innovate. Our leadership team has demonstrated that it is possible to be creative (even brilliant!), work incredibly hard, and have a great time doing it.