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5 Tips on Landing your First Job

5 Tips on Landing your First Job

5 Tips on Landing your First Job

Whether you’re a girl with big dreams for her career or someone just beginning to think about what the future will bring, achieving your goals in the world of work isn’t something you have to do alone.

Take a look at these five easy tips to get you started:

1. Think about what sort of job you actually want to do

This might seem like an obvious one, but there’s no point in shooting for the stars if you’ll be lost as soon as you arrive. If you have no idea where to begin, then start with yourself. Think about your values, what you enjoy, and what it is that you really want to do in life. From here you can start thinking about fields you’d like to go into and then narrow it down to more specific jobs. So grab yourself a cup of tea and a notepad – it’s time to do some serious soul-searching!

2. A problem shared is a problem halved

Now you know the job you’ve decided on is something that you really want to do, you can start asking those around you for advice. At university, your careers department and tutors are your first port of call and they’ll be able to help you devise a plan of action to get you to your first job. They might even have connections in STEM-related roles who you could reach out to.

3. It’s all about that experience

Studying hard at university is a given, but these days your degree alone won’t get you that all-important role. Employers more than ever are looking for applicants with practical experience in the workplace. Before it’s too late, make the most of that long stretch of summer by finding yourself an internship or even a week shadowing someone in your dream role. 

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4. Try, try and try again

It’s crucial to remember that your first job might not necessarily be your dream job. Everyone has to start somewhere and scoring internships in a related field will help spring-board you to those higher places.

5. Believe you can do it

We know being a girl pursuing an early career in STEM can be daunting, but we believe you can do it so it’s time to believe in yourself too!

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